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Believer • Wife • Mother • Runner

Welcome to Autumn's Running Late: a genuine blog to humor and empower your day. Or night. Because I'm probably running late again (with reflectors and mace). This is my creative outlet to share my transition from engineer to homemaker, boast the victories and laugh at the shortfalls. I’m staying up late but you can read in the morning.

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Yuma Territorial Marathon Recap

I completed my second marathon! I had three goals and I met one. Read on for the nitty gritty deets.

Ten Years Married

Ten years married to my best friend. I was an excited bride, confident in the union we were about to make, and it’s only gotten better.


Some days are harder than others, and this year, it was February 14th that broke the camel's back. On Valentine's Day, the whole...

When you feel like quitting, don’t.

Sometimes I feel like giving up. Eat what I want, go where I want, do what I want. But then I realize its not really an option I have.

Brox’s Genetic Testing

We’ve prayed since we found out we were pregnant with this child. Praying for good health and that we find peace in any outcome.

Crosley Lena Plourd: The Day You Were Born

This is the Crosley Lena birth recap. It's better than a race recap because instead of a medal, we brought home a beautiful little girl.

Bronze Anniversary

Eight years married and not a single day of regret.

It’s a Zoom Graduation!

First day of “real school” and I’m more excited than Crosley! And also my heart is broken over the many days that were robbed from her.

7 Weeks: Sick and Tired

A diary entry from October 26, 2020 when only Blake knew we were expecting. 7 Weeks and 3 Days pregnant. Feeling extreme fatigue and nausea.

Baby has a name!

The story behind us learning baby’s gender, the name, and our unconventional gender reveal party.

Be the Drop that Makes the Splash

A shameful memory I wanted to forget at the time but have since grown to realize it changed my life and helped me find my voice.

Aunt Marjorie

The Ashurst family lost a fighter to Covid-19. And it hurts deeply.

Good Enough to Marry My Daughter

Dad's perfect speech from our wedding. Couldn't be more perfect. Happy seven years to us, Blake!

I Went to Target

I missed Target, so I went with the excuse that we needed milk. Judge me. And also read on and live vicariously through me.

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A collection of the crazy things my kids say


When Crosley was one, we told her she couldn't go on the grass because there was cow poo poo on it. The next day some punk high schoolers were standing on the lawn, so she pointed at their feet and said, "cow poo poo". They jumped off and she's been making us laugh ever since. She's a constant reminder that there's something funny to be said every day.

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