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That Plourd Wedding - 8 Highlights from the Wedding Video that Never Was

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

“It takes no time to fall in love, but it takes you years to know what love is.”

-Jason Mraz, Life is Wonderful

In 2005 I told my mom that I was going to marry a guy from Holtville. I didn’t really know anyone from Holtville, but I liked the city and it’s small town pride and friendly people.

And after talking a bit too much about boys, my Dad asked if I was going to college to become an engineer, or to marry one? And I said “yes”.

Five years later and fresh out of college, I started my engineering job, but when I walked in my new office, there were two desks, two chairs, two computers, and one blonde engineer I’d never seen before.

And he said he was from Holtville.

My coworker giving me that look, like, wanna go to dinner tonight? And for the rest of our lives? (early 2012)

It took two weeks for me to realize I was going to marry him. It took two months to overcome the fears of dating a coworker, and two years to convince him to propose to me.

We got married on April 27th, 2013, the first day of the year to break 100°. Our wedding pictures look like no one came because the chairs were empty as everyone stood huddled under the shade trees.

"Brently, where is everyone?" "I don't know Grandma."

Oh there they are. Standing under the trees. Praying the sun goes down soon.

We’ll never forget that incredible day. A day that brings back so many emotions, like laughter, gratitude, and happy tears. And probably my only regret is not hiring a videographer.

But if we had, these are the 8 best parts the video most certainly would have highlighted:

1. I’ve just made it to the front of the aisle. I’m holding Blake’s hands. He’s telling me I look beautiful. I tell him he looks hot (as in, sweaty, but he could take it either way...) and his mom is whisper yelling “YOUR PANTS!” a dozen times until Best Man Bailey finally reaches down to unfold the cuff of Blake’s pants (btw, thanks Delu, the pictures came out great).

2. We’re staring into each others sweaty faces and teary eyes while Jana sings a beautiful rendition of True Belivers by Darius Rucker, and Blake leans in to say “I’m sorry.” “For what?” “For the long line you’ll be waiting in at the DMV and Social Security Office” (and you know what? Yeah, it was pretty miserable).

He hasn't even kissed the bride and he's already apologizing!

3. We’re taking pictures in the most beautiful green field at the peak of golden hour. But real talk. My maid of honor is just out of shot tossing my veil in the air to get the perfect picture and we’re all praying we don’t sprain our ankles on a clod of dirt. Realer talk: Steve Bishop, who farmed the fields surrounding the house we got married at, was in the hospital fighting a relentless battle with cancer. When his family came to visit, he continued to give directions so the field would be green for “that Plourd wedding” and my heart smiles at the thoughtfulness of a man I wish I could have met to say thank you.

We just stepped into a Windows XP desktop.

4. And in that same green field, we count to three and everyone jumps as high as they can, because that’s the trendy thing to do. Maybe the video would switch to slow motion, like we're suspended in air. And it would pan across the bridal party, right to left. But it would stop just before it reached Leslie. Because Leslie’s not wearing underwear. Because Leslie only packed black undies and that didn’t jive with a sunny yellow dress. Leslie, thank you for that great memory.

Leslie, canya jump a little higher??

5. Then we get to the reception and everyone wants a picture with the bride and groom. We smile, but we have carrots and green beans behind our teeth because we’re sneaking bites between shots. We're not celebrities. LET US EAT, PEOPLE! (fyi special thanks to my 4th grade teacher for teaching me how to use a comma.)

6. Then a speech by my dad. He talks about the empty chair Clint Eastwood brought to a Republican Convention to illustrate no one was good enough to be the US president. And that’s who my dad thought was good enough to marry his daughter. Also Manti Teo’s girlfriend. Similar standard. But by the end, he’s come around and decided that Blake is the only one good enough to marry his daughter. And man Dad, 6 years later and I’m still tearing up over how perfect that speech was. So good that it completely overshadowed how bad we were at dancing, thank goodness!

7. And of course the sparklers. You can’t have a video of our wedding without those magical sparklers. The ones that double lit and gave Brandon just shy of third degree burns. Or Bailey picking up the wrong end of a freshly extinguished stick. Our videographer would have captured Tessa’s nursing skills first hand:

Tessa: Bailey, does it hurt?

Bailey: Yes! My hand is on fire!

Tessa: Get Bailey a beer. Brandon, does it hurt?

Brandon: No, it’s not that bad.

Tessa: Someone take Brandon to the hospital, NOW!

Not so funny now, is it?

8. And the video would close on the happy new Mr. and Mrs. Plourd climbing into the limo just to find our moms sitting in the car waiting for us. We kicked them out, but first we hugged them. Because they raised us, they prayed for us, and they were letting us go.

It’s six years later and life is wonderful. There’s no Autumn without Blake or Blake without Autumn and what we have is real. It’s real work, it’s real time, real beauty and so much love. We hurt each other's feelings and let each other down on occasion, but it’s never intentional. We correct each other, refine each other, and root for each other’s success.

Blake, you’re my favorite and you have been every day since July 2010. And I pray we never stop learning what love is.

Happy Anniversary.

Love, Autumn

Iron sharpens Iron -Proverbs 27:17. Happy 6 years!

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